Patented active / passive Coldins cooling insulation

A revolutionary Finnish innovation to slow down global warming


  • 37% of all global CO2 emissions stem from construction and use of buildings.
  • The use of air conditioners and electric fans account for 10% of all global electricity consumption today.
  • 3,7 billion people, or 48% of the global population, live in warm areas where the Coldins innovation potential is found.
  • There are approximately 2 billion buildings worldwide. There is a need for 12.000 new buildings every day, anr the need is increasing with population growth.
  • The global need for renovating existing buildings is ca 83.000 buildings per day.
  • The global insulation market is expected to grow from euro 58 billion in 2021 to 103 billion in 2030.

Our global challenge

Areas in 🔴 are heavily affected by global warming and are also the home for 48% of the world population.

Climate change and population growth necessitates the need for novel solutions to improve energy efficiency and living comfort.

Coldings patented active / passive cooling insulation provides cooler living conditions and increased comfort for the inhabitants.

Patented insulation system that allows warm air flow only in one direction.

During daytime the insulation
keeps heat out.

At night the insulation allows heat
to flow out, cooling the interiors.

Challenges with traditional
insulation in warm climates

  • After a hot day, the buildings with traditional insulation do not cool down during night, because the insulation prevents the heat flow out.
  • For example, with the outdoor temperature 35°C during day and 20°C during night, the indoor temperature can still be 30°C in the morning.
  • Additional mechanical systems are required to satisfy the increased cooling demand.
  • The solutions are expensive to purchase and operate.
  • They cause unnecessary energy demand and environmental impacts.

Benefits of the
Coldins system

Automatic active/passive cooling

  • Improves cooling while maintaining insulation from exterior heat
  • Improves living conditions due to global warming
  • Increases living comfort without power consumption
  • Can be used alongside active cooling solutions like ventilation or air conditioning

Environmental considerations

  • Partially hollow panels reduces material consumption
  • Decreases environmental impact by shipping of lighter panels
  • Reduces cooling cost by adding fully automatic active / passive Coldins insulation

Ease of use

  • Current insulation materials can be used
  • Cost-effective: less raw
    material compared to
    existing insulations
  • Does not change means of installing insulation


We are creating a method to modify the current insulators; with the new solution, the cooling of buildings is simplified and less expensive, while also saving energy and making a major international environmental act.

Juha Helin

inventor and shareholder,
Coldins Oy

Meet Our Team

Juha Helin

Inventor and CEO

Mr. Helin has extensive experience from R&D in international corporations. He is an entrepreneur in energy saving solutions
+358 40 7361 799

Johan Backas

Chairman of the board

Mr. Backas has a background leading international business and startups. He serves on boards in several startup companies and has an M.Sc. in Engineering.

Repe Harmanen

Export Manager

Mr. Harmanen is an expert in business development with a long career in sales and export

Jari Ernola

Member of the board

Mr. Ernola is an experienced startup investor and business advisor

Jukka Huikari

Member of the board

Mr. Huikari is an angel investor with extensive experience in startup ecosystems

Timo Kronqvist

Member of the board

Mr. Kronqvist has 30 years of business experience from working in global corporations and several years as entrepreneur


Coldins Oy, an insulation technology company, announces a new share offering to strengthen its equity position and enable growth opportunities. The company is now seeking visionary investors and partners to take our ground-breaking solution to the market.

Key details of the share offering:

  • Pre-Money valuation: €5.9 million
  • Number of shares offered: 515
  • Offering price per share: €388
  • Minimum subscription: 13 shares
  • Minimum requirement does not apply to existing shareholders

Purpose of the share offering:

  • The purpose of this share offering is to strengthen the company’s capital base and support its growth initiatives.

Target audience for the share offering:

  • This offering is open to all individuals and companies. By investing, you will be a part of the company’s future success.

Thank you for your interest in Coldins Oy. For more information and to participate in the share offering, please visit our website or contact us directly.

More information

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Global warming is our common challenge

Coldins patented insulation solution helps slow it down

Coldins Oy provides patented active / passive Coldins cooling insulation. A revolutionary Finnish innovation to slow down global warming.

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